Want to diversify your investment portfolio? Then read on to learn more about how you can make your investment portfolio more varied and hence more robust, helping to secure your financial future.

1. Invest in bonds

Bonds have proven a steadfast investment in the short and medium term, holding their value when other investments like stock, show more marked fluctuations. Bonds also tend to give you more legal protection and be more secure, than stocks do. Bonds of a four or five-year term will also tend to deliver better interest rates to you as a bondholder than bank accounts do these days. There are a range of bonds available, and these form a sort of indebtedness from the issuer to the bondholder, with the issuer paying interest or a fixed income at regular intervals throughout the year.

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2. Invest in property

Investing in bricks and mortar has a traditionally been seen as an investment that will help diversify your investment portfolio, providing a secure investment. At the Blackmore Group, we offer investments which are focused on UK real estate projects, meaning you can benefit from the security of a bricks and mortar investment without the headache of being a landlord or having to oversee build or maintenance costs. The Blackmore Group in currently investing in 16 development projects around the UK, meaning you won’t be relying on a single property or location — diversifying your portfolio even further.

3. Invest in precious metal

Precious metals provide an opportunity for you to diversify your investment portfolio. Gold, in particular, has been shown to hold its value (and even grow in value) when other investments are swiftly losing theirs. This was shown to be the case in the aftermath of the Wall Street Crash of 1929 and the banking crisis of 2008, when gold’s worth grew in both instances. Invest in precious metals, and you are investing in a physical asset, that has a number of industrial uses, and that is valued by investors the world over.

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4. Invest in different sectors

We’ve all heard the adage that you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket. At the Blackmore Group, we firmly believe that by investing in a variety of different sectors, you will diversify your investment portfolio and make it more robust. So as a group, we invest in a range of industries including real estate, energy and private equity.

5. Invest in a range of products

As well as investing in a range of sectors, think about investing in a range of different products for your short, medium and long-term financial security, including those that give you a fixed income and those that are based on capital growth. That way you’ll have a wide range of investments that will benefit you in different time frames helping to secure your financial future.

So there you have five ways in which you can diversify your investment portfolio making it more robust and helping to secure your financial future. Contact the team at The Blackmore Group for assistance in building up your investment portfolio, with £60m under our management; we can offer you a variety of investment products.