Blackmore Global


By cherry-picking from the finest investment managers around the world, and utilising our highly experienced research team, Blackmore Global invests in a diverse range of high growth sectors, from commercial property to private equity.


Blackmore Global is an Investment Company focused on long term growth and offers a medium to long term investment product, designed to give the investor maximum diversity in order to spread their risk and give exposure to a broad range of global high growth asset classes under one structure.


Blackmore are fully independent and can therefore select from the whole global market which investments will produce the best returns for clients, utilising the expertise of specialists and regulated Investment Managers, along with a robust due diligence process, to ensure that strong annual returns and maximum growth is achieved and maintained.


In order to maximize returns, we invest in many different vehicles, including funds, financial instruments, joint ventures and private equity projects.

“We believe that our clients deserve high returns, diversity and complete transparency at all times as to how their money is being invested, and that is exactly what they get with Blackmore Global.”

Phillip Nunn

CEO, The Blackmore Group

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