It’s the piece of advice you hear most often repeated when it comes to investments:  diversify your investment portfolio, but why is it so important?  

You understand that over time different investments perform differently; and that all investments contain an element of risk. With the future an unknown quantity, it’s all the more important to hedge your bets, protect yourself against risk and build up a diverse portfolio of investments to help secure your financial future. That’s why at Blackmore Global we advocate investing in a range of asset classes so that you are not putting all your eggs in one basket and your portfolio has the best chance of performing robustly.

By investing in a range of assets with Blackmore Global, you’ll have the best chance of protecting yourself against any potential losses that would occur if you were to invest in individual shares for example. Specific shares can perform in a volatile fashion, with notable gains and losses, that’s why spreading your investment over a diverse range of assets is important. Diversity will give you the best chance of riding out any challenging economic conditions successfully.

Diverse asset classes

At Blackmore Global we invest in a range of asset classes, including property, sustainability, private equity and lifestyle:

Investing in bricks and mortar has long proven a resilient investment. Property is a tangible physical asset that has been shown to grow in value over time. To maximise growth and security, we’ll also seek diversification in the type of property investments we make, from the property itself to funds and commercial land too, taking a low to medium risk approach.

It’s never been more important to invest sustainably and responsibly, not only is it ethical, but it makes sound investment sense too. Renewable energy is a growth area, with significant amounts of private and government funds being ploughed into the search for an alternative to fossil fuels, so we invest sustainably too.

We all like to enjoy a few leisure activities now and then, and the growth in leisure industries has been significant in recent years. That’s why at Blackmore Global, we’ve looked to the leisure sector, investing in a variety of funds which generate high yields and provide long term growth for our clients.             

The final element of Blackmore Global’s investment strategy is to invest in private equities, taking advantage of a range of venture capital, growth capital and leveraged buyout opportunities, to provide you with higher returns on your investment.

For your convenience   

However, by investing with Blackmore Global, you’ll have the convenience of having a single port of call, a one stop shop in effect that will provide you with the diversified portfolio you’re seeking. You’ll have a diverse portfolio, without having to research a plethora of investments yourself.  

Expertise at your fingertips

By investing with Blackmore Global, you’ll have a range of experts working on your behalf, each with particular knowledge of a specific asset class, which they can utilise to your advantage.

Proactive management for you   

What’s more at Blackmore we don’t rest on our laurels. Instead we seek diversity proactively, managing your investment so that your portfolio is a dynamic rather than a fixed and static entity. It’s not enough to simply look back and assume what has performed well in the past, will perform so again, that’s why we are constantly monitoring, assessing and tweaking the investment portfolios we manage, for your advantage.