Medium-Term Capital Growth Options You Should Consider

Interested in medium-term investment options? Medium-term investment options are those with a 5–10 year focus. In our busy everyday lives, it’s easy to forget our medium-term goals, with our focus so often on our immediate needs (household and grocery bills) and our long-term future, like our retirement income. However, medium-term investments can provide you with clarity about your goals and give you the opportunity to meet key milestones in life, like paying for a down payment on a property or a wedding.

When you are looking for a good medium-term investment, you want to seek out investments that that will hedge against inflation, whilst providing good overall stability too.

Fixed rate savings accounts

Fixed rate savings account of around the five-year mark can provide a secure way to invest your capital, with a guaranteed amount of interest, but you won’t see the growth you might do from other investments.

Bonds for medium-term investments

Bonds provide a relatively safe investment that can give you a guaranteed interest payment at agreed intervals throughout the year. Bonds are seen as a safer investment than stock, providing you with greater legal protection, and without the fickleness of the latter. Bonds tend to deliver a steady and stable if somewhat conservative return, though better than you are likely to get from a bank account over the same period. If you’re looking for an investment of around five years, this could be the one for you.

Multi-asset investment funds

One option for investors looking for a medium-term investment is to seek out a fund or company that manages a diverse investment portfolio. Some of these investments are likely to be of a financial nature and may show greater volatility than bonds for example, but these are mixed with more stable investments like property, providing a well-balanced portfolio overall. Look to The Blackmore Group’s Multi Strategy and Global investment vehicles.

Your time frame

If you’re investing in the medium-term, there are a range of options open to you and a lot will depend on your specific circumstances and goals. So there are a few questions you need to ask yourself. Are you looking to invest for closer to five or ten years? Are these time frames fixed or flexible? Are you working towards a particular event like a wedding or a child going to university for instance? These time frames and circumstances will do much to inform your investment choices.

As a rule of thumb, the shorter the time frame you have, the more conservative the investment you’ll want to make — as you won’t have the time to ride out any rough patches or drops in value. What is clear is that investing in the medium-term can prove flexible and provide a good return, helping you to reach your financial goals. If you want to invest capital in order to reach your financial goals, then contact The Blackmore Group today.