Want to invest in bricks and mortar? Then read on discover why investing in residential property in the UK remains a smart investment.

Direct or indirect property investment

You can invest in property directly to rent out or to make money by reselling, or you can invest in a property fund, that spreads its investment over a range of locations, developments and projects — diversifying your investment. Invest directly, and though you will have a certain autonomy, you may need to raise a mortgage, plus you’ll have the responsibilities of a landlord to attend too, from insurance to maintenance jobs. Invest in a fund, and you’ll have the weight taken off your shoulders, as you’ll have a fund manager to oversee your investment and you won’t need to choose one particular property.

Property — a tangible, physical asset

Invest in residential property, and you’ll be investing in a physical asset for which there is a substantial demand. In fact, with the UK in the grip of a housing shortage, there is an increasing demand for residential property, which provides an opportunity for investors. With few council houses being built and some people priced out of the housing market, there is a substantial need for housing in the private rental market. So invest in the UK property market, and you have the opportunity to make a regular income.

A stable long-term investment

Although property like all investments can go up and down in value; and yes, property has seen some downturns in value at times, over the long-term; property tends to remain a steadfast investment out of which investors make good returns. In fact, unlike many other investments, property is characterised by long-term periods of stability.

Why UK property?

Invest in property overseas, and you‘ll face greater uncertainty — especially with Brexit on the horizon. Invest overseas, and you’ll have to navigate your way around different laws and taxes, plus it’s a changing landscape — who knows how Brexit will affect UK investors in the EU? However, invest outside of the EU, and you’ll be investing in property that is not only a long way away and difficult to visit or keep an eye on, but could be difficult to find a tenant for too. Also, you could be investing in property that in a potentially less stable environment, politically and economically.

So UK property provides a more stable investment than property in other countries might do so. Invest in property through The Blackmore Group, and you can see exactly which properties we (and you) are investing in — giving you certainty.

UK residential property — for a robust investment

Investing in UK property will provide a robust investment that has been shown to perform well in the long term. Like all investments, you should research it well beforehand and consider whether you want to invest directly in property or through a fund. However, invest in UK property, and you’ll be investing in an income generating asset, for which there is a substantial need; and diversifying your investment portfolio at the same time.